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The word “hydroponics” comes from the Greek words hydro (“water”) and ponos (“labor”). The keys to plant growth are a variety of Mineral Nutrients, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. If you can add these Necessary Minerals nutrients into a plant’s water supply, you no longer need Soil for the plant to grow. Just about any plant can be grown with hydroponics Method.

About Evo Hydroponics

Evo Hydroponics Grow 100% Organic & Chemical Free Products to Provide a Healthier & Good Lifestyle. People Who Looks For Chemical Free Veggies, Organic Vegetable For Their Diet. Evo Hydroponics is best For Them.

Evo Starts it’s journey 5 years ago when we saw most of the people using too much chemicals to grow vegetable which can cause major problem such as cancer to the people, some skin problem,  stomach infections and  many health issues which make us to rethink about health of our people and make pest free, weed free, chemical free veggies and Food and by which Evo rise.